Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Take the guesswork and confusion out of your marketing campaigns.

With our data experts, you will navigate, understand, and act upon data insights. Even if you don’t work in marketing or data analytics.

Data & Analytics

Why use Data & Analytics

All in one place

Having multiple data resources like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager can be overwhelming. Skip the mess and see a detailed overview of your business in one quick glance in one single interface.

Better decision making

Marketing and user experience is not a matter of personal opinions. Our Data dashboards provide an unbiased view for multiple departments - like sales and marketing - to make smarter decisions.

Everyone can read

Your data doesn’t do much good if no one can understand it. Our easy-to-read dashboards make it possible for all team members to explore and monitor. No training required.

How can our experts help you monitor your data?

Acquisition Dashboard

Can't figure out how your website or application is acquiring customers? Still guessing which acquisition channels are working and which are not? Our experts will build powerful analytics dashboards for your startup so that you can spend less time on analysis and reporting. You will be able to filter b channels, timing, traffic type, and demographics in seconds.

Acquisition Dashboard

Customer Journey Tracking

Can’t track and measure the Return On Investment (ROI) across your entire customer journey? Don’t know what your customers love and what they don’t? Our experts will set up tracking events aligned with your marketing strategy. You will uncover potential and current customer’s behavior on a deeper level. Even know where they may drop off your funnel.

Acquisition Dashboard

Conversion Attribution

Don’t know which ad got the conversion? Unable to determine which variation in an A/B test is best performing? Our experts will set up attribution models to help determine which campaign should gain the credit for each conversion. You will be able to keep the momentum going when you know exactly where it’s coming from.

Acquisition Dashboard

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